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"Up Close and Personal" opening night drew art lovers from across Cincinnati

Guests in attendance at "Up Close and Personal" opening night
Guests in attendance at "Up Close and Personal" opening night

ARTclectic Art Gallery unveiled its highly anticipated exhibition, "Up-Close and Personal," during an enchanting opening reception that drew art lovers from across the Cincinnati area. The gallery, known for its vibrant contributions to the local Cincinnati art scene, outdid itself with this latest offering, which focuses on intimate portrayals and intricate details that compel viewers to lean in closer.

"Up-Close and Personal" is a collection that challenges the norms of observation, featuring internationally known ARTclectic's anchor artists, Chris Krupinski and Ken Landon Buck, along with a mix of emerging and established artists whose works engage with themes of closeness, both in form and in the interaction between the artist and the audience.

As guess stepped into the gallery, they received a warm welcome from the gallery's owner, Starr Shebesta, who expressed excitement over the innovative perspectives showcased in the exhibition. She highlighted the gallery's mission to create a space where local art is not only viewed but experienced in a manner that bridges personal and universal narratives.

Throughout the evening, guests mingled over fine wine, delectable hors d'oeuvres, and live jazz, discussing their interpretations of the works and the overall impact of the exhibition. The reception not only served as a celebration of local Cincinnati artistic talent but also as an opportunity for the community to connect through shared cultural interests.

"Up-Close and Personal" runs until the end of June and is expected to attract a wide audience, from art critics to enthusiasts, collectors, and curious passersby. With its focus on depth, detail, and personal gaze, the exhibition promises to be a memorable venture into the essence of what it means to truly see and be moved by art.

For those who missed the opening reception, ARTclectic Art Gallery is conveniently located and open to the public throughout the exhibition's duration, Tuesday through Saturday 11am-5pm, ensuring that all visitors have the opportunity to experience art up close, in all its compelling forms.

ARTclectic Art Gallery continues to prove itself as a cornerstone of the Cincinnati art community, and "Up-Close and Personal" is a testament to its commitment to enriching cultural dialogue and appreciation. This exhibition is a must-visit for anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of art and experience it from a new and intimate perspective.

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